Do you take advanced reservations?

Yes, we do! We would recommend that you call or come in person to place a reservation. This way you can guarantee that the equipment you seek will be available to you. For summer weekends and some special holidays, booking as far in advance as possible will help give you access to the best selection.

Can I cancel my reservation?

We allow customers to cancel any reservation that is 7 or more days out without penalty of any kind. RENTALS CANCELLED WITHIN 7 DAYS OF THE PICKUP DAY ARE SUBJECT TO BE CHARGED FOR IN FULL. Please plan ahead accordingly, mark your calendar, and firm up your event.

Can I simply walk up and rent equipment?

We absolutely do accept walk-up rentals! We advise against waiting, however, as the equipment you might want could end up being not available. Advance reservations are always the best strategy to get our equipment.