Pro sound Audio Package A

Audio Package A     $115

Small presentation or ceremony with wireless lapel mic

This compact PA system takes minutes to set up and is recommended for projecting your music and voice clearly to audiences of up to 150 people.

Pro sound Audio Package B

Audio Package B     $133

Medium size public address/music system

This PA system brings you high quality sound for various basic presentations covering audiences of up to 300 people.

Pro sound Audio Package c

Audio Package C     $138

Compact bass-heavy dance system

Get a high-fidelity result with extra bass while keeping it very modest in both size and cost.

Audio Package D     $178

Medium bass-heavy dance system 

This next size up version of a dance system combines our favorite rental 12″ powered speakers with 18″ subwoofers.

Audio Package E     $227

Small band support package

This simple “gig system” includes quality powered 15″ mains, a pair of powered wedges, and a basic mic package.

Audio package F     $540

Medium band support package

Step up to our “show system” for a 16-channel mixer and an all powered QSC front of house and monitor rig.

Audio package G     $936

Large band support package

Double the PA size, get 6 powered wedges, and take out the popular Midas M32 digital mixer and stage box.