Audio Package E

Small band support package

This simple “gig system” includes quality powered 15″ mains, a pair of powered monitor wedges, and basic mic package.

  • Pair of JBL PRX715 powered 15″ 2-way speakers
  • Pair of EV ZXA190B 8″ powered monitors
  • Soundcraft MFXi8 mic mixer with effects
  • 3(qty) Audix OM2 vocal mics
  • 2(qty) Audix I5 instrument mics
  • Audix D6 kick drum mic
  • 2(qty) Radial DI boxes
  • Necessary stands, extension and signal cables
  • ipod/computer patch

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1 Day: $227.00

2 Day: $340.50

3 Day / Week: $454.00