Yes, we do! We would recommend that you call or come in person to place a reservation. This way you can guarantee that the equipment you seek will be available to you. For summer weekends and some special holidays, booking as far in advance as possible will help give you access to the best selection.

We allow customers to cancel any reservation that is 7 or more days out without penalty of any kind. RENTALS CANCELLED WITHIN 7 DAYS OF THE PICKUP DAY ARE SUBJECT TO BE CHARGED FOR IN FULL. Please plan ahead accordingly, mark your calendar, and firm up your event.

We absolutely do accept walk-up rentals! We advise against waiting, however, as the equipment you might want could end up being not available. Advance reservations are always the best strategy to get our equipment.

To rent, you must show a valid state-issued picture ID or License. WE CANNOT ACCEPT PASSPORTS.

No deposit is taken when making a reservation with Pro Sound & Lighting. What we require is a valid credit or debit card number to be provided as a measure to uphold our 7-day in cancellation policy. Payment for the rental would be due in full upon pickup.

AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA credit and debit cards in the name of the renter, are required to pay for rentals on the day of pick-up. (This does not have to be the same card that was used to hold the reservation.) We cannot take cash or a check as the only payment for a rental. The rental must be paid by a credit card before we can accept any other payment.

We will not accept card payment without the card holder present to sign both our payment agreement and our rental agreement. This includes family member’s cards, spouse’s cards, and friend’s cards.

If you are paying for and taking responsibility for a rental, you will need to also be here to make the payment and sign the rental agreement. After that, if you need it loaded into someone else’s vehicle; that can be done.

You can send someone else in your place to assume a rental reserved in your name. That said person will have to show valid state ID, take over the payment using a card in their name, and will be taking on the responsibility of the equipment. It is best to bring this up with us first just so we can help make sure there are no unforeseen hang-ups.

A one-day rental is one in which your rental can be picked up at noon or later on the pick-up day and is due back by noon on the return day. The prices are low so we encourage you to book for a period of time that safely covers your needs.

We do not charge for Sundays or holidays that we are closed. This means that a Saturday pickup and Monday return count as a one-day rate. It’s an extra day for free on us

Official pickup time at Pro Sound & Lighting begins at 12:00 PM on the scheduled pickup day. We can be a bit flexible if you want to call the afternoon before or that morning and see if the order is all ready to go. But be advised to book your pick-up to the day prior if a noon (or later) pick-up time would not be acceptable for your production needs.

Return time at Pro Sound & Lighting is by 12:00 PM on the scheduled return day. It is very important that our customers adhere to this unless told otherwise on the way out, as late returns can affect other customer reservations. LATE RETURNS ARE SUBJECT TO ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

No, you are not required to be the one who returns the gear. As long as your gear is returned on time and in satisfactory condition, you may send whomever to return the gear. Make sure that person is reliable as YOU will be held responsible if your rental is returned late or incomplete.

No, we only do “will call” rentals which means you pick the equipment up from us and return it back to us directly. In Europe, the common term for this is “dry hire”. Our convenient location is just a few minutes from Interstate 5, Interstate 205, Interstate 84, and Downtown Portland.

Yes, we offer most of our speakers in pairs only and the listed rental rates are for those pairs. Some of our all-in-one PA solutions are priced singularly as well as some of the floor monitor offerings. If you want to rent only one speaker or subwoofer that we offer only by the pair, you can take just a single speaker but are still responsible to pay for the pair.

We do not send out hard copy manuals. But most instruction manuals are available online directly from our website. If it is possible that you could end up somewhere with limited access the internet, we advise you to download and/or print out manuals that you may need ahead of time.

We are happy to give you a walk through tutorial on how to use the equipment. Our staff are capable of teaching customers at all experience levels. Just let us know if you might need the extra help.

Unfortunately, we do not provide those services. Any equipment rentals from us are going to be “will-call”, meaning that the renter will need to pick up, set up, and run the gear themselves. If you like the offerings and/or the prices but need technical help, we might have some advice or avenues for you to pursue, just let us know.

This would depend ultimately on what you are renting. If you are renting much more than a small PA system or a couple of effect lights, then check with us, a compact sedan might not do it. We can help advise you on what kind of vehicle would be appropriate. In situations regarding open-bed pickup trucks and open trailers: With the exception of aluminum truss, we will NOT allow any gear transportation in the open unless there is clearly no chance of rain (or snow) at all – THE USE OF TARPS IS NOT A SAFE OR ADEQUATE MEASURE AGAINST RAIN and will not earn you any exception to the rule. The renter is also responsible for supplying adequate restraints and/or tie-downs as required. Many road-cases are on wheels and must stay upright.

At no extra cost we will include the cables it would typically take to connect and power up the gear you rent. Some long (like 100ft. lengths) or extra cables can be added at reasonable rates.

Wind, rain, humidity, dust, heat, and security are all important factors that you might need to consider. Please ask us for help in selecting the right gear for your situation. We want it to be easy for you to return the gear in the exact condition you rented it in and to help you avoid surprise cleaning and/or damage fees. In some cases for outdoor events, we may require a cleaning deposit prior to the rental.

The short answer is yes. But generators vary in size, type, quality and condition. We encourage you to use a quality name-brand inverter type if possible. We can help you determine about how much power you need, but we will not be able to determine other factors about a generator you source. Ultimately, the responsibility will be yours that the equipment is supplied good power. As a simple alternative, we offer some battery powered sound systems and lighting solutions you might consider.

Yes, no, maybe! It is possible that the fog or haze could set off some smoke detectors because their sensors cannot tell the difference between real smoke and effect fogs. In many public buildings, the sensors can notify the fire department automatically and false alarms should be avoided. Speak to your venue’s staff about their policies regarding these effects before booking. If in a private space, we recommend running a test with the fog machine(s) to see if the triggering of alarms will be a problem. We do not recommend disabling smoke detector(s). Sprinkler systems on the other hand are almost always triggered by localized heat which the fog and haze machines will not produce.

The person signing and whose name is on the contract is ultimately taking on the responsibility for the equipment while in their possession. If there is a loss, the renter will be charged for any necessary repair or replacement costs. View our rental agreement here. We encourage, and will sometimes even require, that special insurance be taken out if the overall value of the equipment is beyond your ability to cover in case of loss.