Northwest DIY Wedding Solutions

Helping you save money and take control while providing the atmosphere and quallity event tech you desire

Lighting Solutions


The easiest thing you can do to upgrade your venue is splash it with color using uplighting. Anyone can turn on a light, so why pay a fortune to have someone do it for you. Placing lights in key spots around a room and setting a color is about all there is to it. Use on walls, drapes, between windows or use outdoor rated fixtures for outside on buildings and trees.

LED fixtures most often used today are cool to the touch and energy efficient. The color pallet is almost unlimited, so matching your special colors is a cinch. We have fixtures that can be plugged into outlet power or battery powered that last for hours. Most fixtures are set and forget, but you can also control the lights for a dynamic effect. Take a look at the different types of LED lighting fixtures we have for your wedding event here

Dance Lights

If you’re have music at your reception, you need effect lighting to really make it a memorable party. DIY is easy with the rental inventory options at PS&L. We have fantastic all-in-one lighting fixtures to set the mood for a party. The dance lights come with stands and cables. For more fun, get a little haze in the room to help the beams stand out or rent our low lying fogger for a “dance on the clouds” special moment.

Other Wedding Lights and Options

Many other lighting options can help make your space shine. From pinspots for the cake or gift table to various fixtures and hardware to help you create a custom monogram using a gobo, Disco Balls to robotic lighting to provide a grand entrance. Don’t forget that we have great screen and projector packages as well for presenting a slideshow. Give our knowledgeable staff a call. We are happy to help figure out how to get it done. Check out some packaged selections here.

Sound Solutions

Ceremony Sound

Would you like to help your guests hear your vows clearly? A sound system can be as simple as one speaker or it can be many speakers and other components. We have solutions for every technical level and every size of ceremony. All-in-one systems that include a music player with a speaker and wireless mic are easy and simple to use. We have wireless microphone systems, sometimes called cordless mics, that are professional grade but easy to use. We have battery powered systems for weddings on the beach or other remote places. We have prepackaged systems or we can tailor one to your exact needs from components from our large inventory.

Reception Dance System

Want to play your own songlist or have a good friend DJ at your reception? Like the lighting, make your event a memorable one by having fun dancing with family and friends. We have sound system packages of all sizes. There are small dance systems, medium, and for the big time parties with have large systems. Every system is easy to set up and operate. You can also mix and match components to build a system that will suit your exact needs. Give us a call and we will help you get the best system for your celebration. Don’t forget to add wireless mics for toasts and speeches!!!