Sennheiser LSP-500 Pro

(With no wireless)

1 Day: $100.00

2 Day: $150.00

3 Day/Wk: $200.00

(With one wireless)

1 Day: $125.00

2 Day: $187.50

3 Day/Wk: $250.00

Sennheiser LSP500 is a 120w, 2-Way speaker with 8″ LF and 3/4” HF driver, hot-swappable dual lithium ion batteries, advanced feature-filled mixing of bluetooth, USB, wired mic, aux, and mounted wireless receiver. Can be mixed remotely via free Wifi app. Standard configuration pricing includes one Sennheiser wireless handheld, headset or lavalier mic. Modestly estimated to run 6 hours for speech, 3 hours for music. Additional batteries can be rented for extending the run time. Photo of back here

Comes With: Slip-cover, speaker stand, your choice of wireless hand held, lavalier or headset mic, cord for your MP3 player

Goes With: Additional LSP500s, wired mic, additional wireless systems, back-up pair of batteries

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