Justin’s 12th Year at Pro Sound & Lighting!!

Today marks a special anniversary. Justin Fulbright has just completed his 12th year working here at Pro Sound & Lighting. Working for a single company for more than 10 years is extraordinary these days. I am publicly thanking Justin for all his hard work and dedication. He started here in 2001 with no experience and has steadily grown into the top producing sales person.


Anyone that has worked with Justin knows that he has a passion for quality and for customer service. His larger than life appearance makes an indelible impression, but his dedication to each customer makes an even bigger impression. Other employees have come and gone while Justin has been here, but the one stable thing is Justin’s teamwork approach.


If you know Justin and have worked with him in the last twelve years, give him a shout and let him know you appreciate him. [email protected] We definitely do!

Tim McClelland