Powered Speakers

Powered speakers have built-in amplifiers and receive signal directly from a mixer. Certain models will allow a microphone to be connected directly to the input.


Passive Speakers

Passive speakers require the use of an external power amplifier in order to make sound. The power amplifier receives audio signal from a source such as a mixer, amplifies this signal and sends the amplified signal to the passive speaker(s) via speaker cables.



Monitors (sometimes referred to as stage, wedge or foldback monitors) are usually placed horizontally on the floor angled up toward the talent or talker so they can hear themselves and/or other program material such as playback music, other musicians, etc. Many models can also be mounted vertically on a tripod speaker stand.


F.O.H. Systems

Our Front of House systems are complete Biamp packages; including mains, subwoofers, two amplifiers, processing, and cables. In a Bi-Amp system one amp powers the subwoofers and one powers the mains, the processor splits the signal into high/mid and low frequencies. We make it easy with everything preset, pre-patched and labeled, just connect the speakers and mixer.


Battery-Operable PA Systems

Battery-Operable PA Systems can be powered by an internal rechargeable battery or an electrical outlet. Systems include a wireless hand held, lapel or headset mic. Perfect for wedding ceremonies.