A Blog is What I Need

Well, here I am writing my first post for my first blog. I never really understood what a blog was for until we started to put this new version of our website together. I wanted a place to write about gear, industry trends, tips and tricks, and other topics that came to mind. Then I had that Eureka / light-bulb moment “A blog is what I need!”.

I really don’t have a specific topic this time around, as we are just getting things set up, but I wanted to foreshadow a few topics that most likely will come up in the following weeks.

Anyone that knows me moderately well here at Pro Sound & Lighting knows that I am a nut for digital mixers. I have been mixing on digital mixers for more than a decade. I started out with Yamaha O1v mixers and have used everything from Mackie to Midas to Allen & Heath to Presonus digital mixers.  I also have been factory trained on Digico, and Soundcraft consoles. I have been singing the praises of digital mixers since I first tried one out many many years ago. I have a lot to say on this subject so it may come up often.

I also have a passion for other items in the audio chain. Speakers, system processors, microphones, cables all have so much to do with how a sound system works. There are so many topics and items to choose from, like China versus the rest of the world when it comes to manufacturing quality and technology. I would like to cover some more thought provoking topics like “Why do churches put up with so much noise coming off the stage?”.

With more than 30 years under my belt in this industry, I have thoughts, opinions, questions, answers about a lot of things that pertain to sound & lighting. We have also made numerous friends along the way with specialized skills that might be able to contribute to our blogs. I look forward to updating this blog frequently and hearing back from the readers.