Going Digital in Recent Installs

To say 2014 has been a busy year, so far, would be an understatement! In the age of affordable digital consoles, many venues and organizations are transitioning into a technically modern sound system. Schools have been jumping on board at a rapid pace. Implementing a digital console gives schools ample ability to improve quality of sound for the listeners whether it is the students during an assembly, or parents and family attending a school play or concert.

Centennial School District has made the move in two of their elementary schools, Parklane and Oliver. The district came to Pro Sound & Lighting looking to get up-to-date with their sound systems in addition to be able to control the mixer wirelessly for various productions. With Pro Sound & Lighting standing by their side, both schools did a complete overhaul of the sound systems in their cafetorium. Using a Soundcraft SI Expression 1 in each system gave the school lots of dynamics and effects processing, and wireless control. As the installer, we are able to set up the console in a way that takes a lot of the confusion out of the systems operation. In addition to the digital mixers, each school upgraded to Sennheiser Wireless systems, JBL speakers and Crown amplifiers. If you would like to know more about this install, or other installs Pro Sound & Lighting have done, please contact Justin. [email protected]