Shure Axient Wireless Microphone System

Pro Sound & Lighting is proud to announce its status as the only Shure Factory Certified Axient Wireless Microphone System dealer in Oregon.

The Shure Axient Wireless Management Network is a complete system of tools that provides uncompromising wireless microphone performance in mission-critical environments with zero tolerance for failure.  To put it simply; it’s amazing.

Shure Axient Wireless Microphone System

The Axient system’s agility in difficult RF conditions is driven by four key features:

• Interference Detection and Avoidance detects RF interference and enables the system to move to a clear and compatible frequency in milliseconds.

• For critical microphones where even the briefest gap in audio is unacceptable, Frequency Diversity mode transmits full-bandwidth audio on two separate frequencies.  If one frequency is disrupted by interference, the audio from the second frequency is automatically used.

• ShowLink™ remote control enables the operator to make real-time remote adjustments of transmitter settings (such as audio gain, RF output power, and RF mute) while the microphone is live, without interrupting a performance or disturbing an elaborate costume.  Control coverage extends throughout the entire performance area and can be extended to include backstage areas.

• The Axient Spectrum Manager scans the spectrum constantly, and monitors, ranks, and deploys backup frequencies automatically.  This ensures that the system uses only the cleanest frequencies during a performance.

When it comes to wireless mics and  RF spectrum management, Pro Sound & Lighting has the most knowledgeable staff and the most available products in the area.  If you have questions, we have answers.  Call today and we’ll find a complete solution to meet your needs, and your budget.